About me


My name is César, with callsign EA8CXN since 2011.
Until 2019 I have been active in different HF bands, enjoying communications with all parts of the world.
In January 2019, after long time reading and studying, I decided to start operating in higher bands, due to the possibilities that being surrounded by ocean allows. I am located on the island of Tenerife, on the IL18SK locator.

With a small 3 elements cubical quad I began to operate VHF, with the assistance the tropospheric ducting propagation I was able to make my first communications with England, Ireland, Galicia, Portugal … I liked it! and was excited, patience is rewarded with contacts never dreamed before.
When I experienced my first sporadic on VHF I trembled with excitement, seeing many stations from Germany, Belgium on the radio, it is an experience that I never will forget.
After this stage, I began to assemble equipment for UHF and SHF, currently 432 Mhz, 1.2 Ghz and 2.4Ghz.
Since then, I mainly operate in these bands, on DX, on LEO satellites, such as the QO-100, a delight and a privilege that radio amateurs have today.
My current station consists of:


  • 6el cubical quad for 144 Mhz
  • 6el cubical quad for 70 cm
  • 50cm dish + 3el yagi 1.2Ghz
  • 1 m dish for 2.3Ghz
  • 1.1m offset dish + 4 turns Hélix 2.4Ghz/10Ghz QO-100


  • Yaesu FT-991
  • ICOM IC-970H
  • ICOM IC-820H

Power amplifiers;

  • Telecom 500W 144 Mhz LDMOS
  • Telecom 500W 432 Mhz LDMOS
  • Telecom 150W 1.2 Ghz LDMOS
  • Nokia UTMS for 2.3/2.4Ghz LDMOS


  • SG-LAB 1.2Ghz
  • SG-Lab 2.4Ghz


  • Yaesu G-450C + Arduino K3NG

Shack current conditions