The great station D4C want some money to improve their station.
All ham radio operators on high bands usually want the contact with the ecuatorial station D4C on VHF and UP. For that reason, they are ussing their paypal account to receive some founds , and arrange a better set up.
I think that every ham radio interested on VHF and UP can help a little, and all of us have a reference point in the middle of the Atlantic.
Their message is:

«Recently our 40 years old CW Beacons (2m and 70cm) came to end of life. In our mind there are some more capital adds-on in the short to medium-term planning:
>>Building a 4m beacon with bilateral QSO capability, including a PA and its relative antenna system
>>Enhance 70cm capability by replacing current transmitter, replace the antenna system including coax cables replacement, add a PA and to implement the bilateral QSO capability.
>>Replacing the 6m beacon as it sends noise all over the spectrum due to its 19th century synthesized technology, forcing us to switch it off during any Remote operation activity (HF or VHF)

You can contribute on the next link:


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